Book Reviewing Policy

Please be aware that until updated, I am currently not accepting unsolicited review copies. I am solely working with publishers I have worked with before, purely because my review pile is overflowing and I wouldn't want to keep you waiting on a false promise or timescale. I hope you understand my decision and check back for future updates soon.

So you were interested in sending me a review copy? 

I primarily read mostly Young Adult Contemporary, Dystopian and Fantasy novels with the occasional Science Fiction thrown into the mix. I do however delve into other genres and age categories however know that Young Adult fiction is the majority of books I read. Please bare that in mind when contacting me.

If you fall into any of the above categories and are interested in sending me a review copy of your book, I'm overly happy to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at: or contact me on one of my social media platforms.
However, you should know several things before you think of contacting me:

1. I give all books at least 50 pages of unbiased opinion before writing my review. If your book has enticed me in the first 50 pages I will complete it and review it upon completion. If however I am not captivated to read on, I will strive on to complete it however this will play a large part in my opinions and will critically reflect in my review.

2. Here at The Blogger’s Bookshop I strive to keep an upbeat and positive attitude when reviewing books, because in all honesty I love reading and discussing my thoughts about reading with others. However, I am not promising a positive review in exchange for a review copy. I strive for honesty in my reviews, and they are indeed my opinions, so therefore will be subjective as my blog will feature both positive and negative reviews. I do not do this to offend the author or publisher, it is merely my opinion.

3. If I accept your book to be reviewed, I will try to adhere to the timelines of when the review needs to be up. However, I do not guarantee that I will get to your book and review it immediately. When I begin a book I like to take my time with it so that I can fully form my feelings about it. As you well know, good reviews take time. You chose me to review your book, so give me enough time to perfect an in depth analysis.

When I write my reviews, they will be uploaded onto this site, onto my tumblr blog, to Goodreads and will be linked to my Twitter and Instagram. Should your book require an Amazon review, I am more than happy to provide that as well. Please detail this when writing your email.

Lastly I just want to say that I appreciate all considerations for advanced reader copies whether you deem me appropriate for your work or not. I am grateful for the thought and hope that you may consider me worthy in the future.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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