My Rating System

So at the end of each review it seems only compulsory that I leave it a rating so that you may see for yourself whether I think it is worth a read. I will be following a 5 tier system, using stars to rate the books.

Please note that I do try to be very lenient in my ratings of books, I will always give a book a second chance if I think it deserves one. 

What do these ratings mean? Well...


DNF: A book will received a rating of DNF if I did not finish the book. I will usually contrast a DNF with a star rating, so that readers may see my thoughts on the book up until the point I stopped reading.

1 Star Rating: A book will receive a star rating of 1 if I literally struggled to finish the book. This rating means that I found nothing appealing about the book. Whilst the synopsis of the book may have grabbed my attention, this book turned out to be a complete let down. It is usually the case of horrific writing, an unjust plot, unbelievable characters or a statement that completely contradicts my values. I would not recommend this book to anyone.


2 Star Rating: A book will receive a star rating of 2 if read the book, found interest in it but at times started to question my overall enjoyment of the novel. I would also rate a book a 2 if I felt that although I could see the potential in the story, there were a few elements or plot holes that kept arising while reading. This could also be interpreted as small features of the book that turned me off slightly. I might recommend it if I could see potential.

    ☆   ☆   

3 Star Rating: A book will receive a star rating of 3 if I read it all the way through and I really enjoyed the story. Perhaps some of the characters were weak or there was a few confusion steps along the way but the book would definitely have potential. In a three star book I would expect to see a few errors that would impact my overall enjoyment of the book. These range from major to minor. A three star book would really intrigue me if there were sequels! I would recommend it to others.

☆    ☆    ☆    

4 Star Rating: A book will receive a star rating of 4 if I completely finished the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were enjoyable and the plot was structurally sound. A four star book will have a few flaws that stood out to me that didn't quite make it perfect.  I could definitely see potential in a star rating of 4 and I would definitely recommend it to others.

☆    ☆     ☆     ☆     

5 Star Rating: A book will receive a star rating of 5 if it is literally considered perfect in my mind. The plot line is amazing and surprised me, the characters are loveable and you root for your favourites. A star rating of 5 will mean I didn't want to put the book down and if there is a sequel I will definitely be picking it up! No questions asked. A definite recommendation!

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