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Daniel lives in a small costal town in the North-East of England where nothing exciting really happens. To escape this treacherous and rather dull lifestyle, he enjoys delving into the alternate realities of fiction. 

A book reviewer at heart since 2012, Daniel has worked in a variety of areas while studying at University to become a teacher. Finally in November 2014 his childhood dream of becoming a bookseller came true, and for a whole month he got to peruse bookshelves for a living while happily assisting customers with their bookish requests. Unfortunately this was not to last due to temporary vacancies, but he now is back in the swing of starting up his teaching career.

When not found with a dreary far off look and his nose stuck in a book, Daniel can often be found with family and friends, watching countless re-runs of Once Upon a Time and Castle or  attempting to begin the novel he dreams of one day writing and publishing. 

For now however, he can be found here, on twitter (@theblogbookshop) or over at where he drearily spends hours scrolling and reblogging endless photographs of books.

Any further information that you may require about Daniel or The Blogger's Bookshop can be found here in his book reviewing policy. If you feel you would like to contact Daniel then please feel free to do so using any of the social media platforms listed above, or by using the contact form at the very bottom of the page.

Finally, he wishes you a kind and pleasant stay. 

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